Beyond Star Trek

Finally watched Star Trek to Beyond. It wasn ‘ t terrible but it was almost all action so the characters were kind of telegraphed. Idris Elba was wasted. It was better than Star Trek Into Darkness though. Some friends said they didn’t want to see it in because they were too sad about Anton Yelchin. I thought they were very sensitive to the time, but actually watching the movie he is always front and center at the helm and it is hard to forget that he’s dead. I think that sucked a little fun out of the movie too.

On the film itself, I am still unsure what to do about it. It was an enjoyable tour, certainly. But the plot was incoherent at times touching, a lot of script juggling balls and perhaps trying to juggle them too quickly. Or perhaps it was only Justin Lin. I’ve never seen any movies & Furious fast, but I suspect that they may feel a good deal like Star Trek: beyond, and so far I doubt how appropriate that is.

On the other hand, was their least removes many difficulties to darkness. Kirk is much less of a sleazeball, have excessive cynicism last video gives way to much more optimistic vision of the future of humanity, if ultimately less so near its future, and if it appears that they will keep this nonsense Spock/Uhura, minimum length took relatively little screentime it. In fact, the use of video is good the entire cast, especially with a few show & Spock McCoy to flesh out important dynamics of the original show, and Simon Pegg about script resulting in everyone having a lot of fun with Scotty.

On the whole, I think this is a case of realizing the franchise it diverges down the wrong path and therefore are now trying to trace his steps. Who knows, perhaps you will recover in full the next film. Even if the loss of Chekov was going to be hit hard.

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