Why Does Water Expand When It Freezes, Because It’s Special

When the water freezes need line up in a particular pattern of the molecules. Because they have the shape of V this pattern really takes up a lot of space. Compare this to liquid water, where chaotic arrangement, moving constantly, allow the water to better “fill the holes”.

Water is quite special because it Is the relative abundance of hydrogen bond on the outside. On “normal” temperatures in liquid form, the water molecules bouncing much hydrogen bonds and a little “squishy.” Thus, as a whole, closer together, because they are all wringing their hands around each other. (Side note, since they are still bond, and hydrogen atoms are doing a lot of strange flopping around and attract each other, that is why there is liquid water cohesion and can form small droplets, or get sucked plants).

All energy and making the molecules bounce around when cold water, getting lower and lower, therefore, water acts “normal” come denser and closer together, until about 4 degrees c. below which is when water reaches strange. When energy/temperature is too low, it is not enough to make the movement of molecules hydrogen bond strength of suppression. So on that point that hydrogen bonds-shaped external all take over, all gaps separate molecules, pushing away from each other because of the payments associated with bonds.

A settlement would otherwise normally in space is slightly further apart than the molecules. They actually even slightly further apart than the molecules in when they are at room temperature. So in the end ice less dense than water, and floats.

Other facts, the width-related, but sort of related because it highlights how cold and essential water is life: the hydrogen bonds, as I mentioned, is responsible for “Save” water to other water. So plants can move water through their stems, roots leaves. As the water evaporates from leaves, the water chain a little light can be seen along, continually moving up “sticky” like a little conveyor belt sticky water. This leaves to all life as we know it happens.

Also, imagine a world where there were more intense than the liquid water frozen water. When ice forms on the surface, ice would sink. Then there would be more ice would form on the surface. And zinc. Repetition. It would not be able to support life freshwater lakes. Nothing but layers and layers of sunken ice for most of the year, or all forever. Maybe even the oceans only all ice, with sinking and forming ice caps all drainage water from the oceans continuously.

The Current State of Global Warming

As it currently stands, it is still a little debate on whether things have arrived or not. However, it started to lean more and more according to the position of the scientific community in General. As noted, this is because we have gone above 400ppm which measure the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Now in season, stating which countries actually work to address this, it can be difficult to rely on some cases. Generally speaking, most countries in the Western world at least made some efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. However many of these countries still significantly depends on fossil fuels and generate a significant amount of CO2 and others have made great efforts to counter climate change at all. In the meantime has many other countries across Asia, South America and Africa, is taking steps to reduce their own emissions. The issue is that many countries in Asia and Africa are either in the middle of industrialization, or industrialize and will lead to a significant increase of CO2 emissions is beginning. Countries such as China, which is growing in CO2 emissions, likely are going to be hit the hardest by the effects of global warming.

So to put things simple, yes the change to green energy too slowly has reached the point where perhaps seriously we will be back.

Serenity Found

I stumbled across, Serenity Found which is a series of essays on the television series Firefly and movie Serenity edited by Jane Espenson. It was a rather mixed stack them. My initial thoughts, having read the first two, was that the writers tend to be rather over-state their case. I believe that Firefly was one of the best drama series of the last decade, however, that does not mean I believe it represents a giant leap forward either inserts social commentary to TV SF or in representation of women in the genre of shows.

However, I have been mesmerized by a trio of essays which form almost certainly unintentionally dialogue with each other. Freedom interpreted in Unfree world by p. Gardner Goldsmith Firefly and Serenity as libertarian political path, one that drew the allegorical connections to the American civil war, the South situation as one object to the excessive Government meddling. Mal content by Alex Bledsoe focuses on the character Malcolm Reynolds and specifically rejected the idea that it was some sort of libertarian hero, stressing similar teenager refuses to accept any authority over him, any criticism on its own authority or indeed any other responsibility beyond that in its nearby instead. Bledsoe’s theory is that it is only towards the end of that Mal Serenity are motivated by any kind of principles beyond self-absorption and mindless rebellion. Bonnie Brown flag by Evelyn Vaughn examined direct civil war allegory and tried, although I am convinced have succeeded, to address the issue of slavery annihilation of the allegorical story. This drew attention to one aspect of essay and Goldsmith me troubled. Painting the South as libertarian heroes, heroic freedom fighters and underdogs and push completely sidelined the issue of slavery rather shows, I felt, one of the shortcomings of libertarianism – its failure to account for the way in which privileged tend to rise to the top in an unregulated environment and human kind unfortunate tendency to assume that people with superficial differences are either count , or to be happy on their world. It is difficult to consider side which was part funded by owning slaves and motivated by a desire to defend the practice, even if it was not primarily include slave owners, as role models suitable for heroic freedom fighters and I suspect that, somehow or other, that was the intention of the Whedon. It seems more likely that he found the case of the South in the American civil war allegory for convenient knee-jerk rebelliousness Malcolm Reynolds.

But, ultimately, it must be said to me come from the essays less happy with Firefly stories than I went. Although I accept that slavery was far from the only issue involved in the American civil war, I am uncomfortable that the series can be read as a vindication of the position of the South, it provides a way for people to remove the issue of slavery by the conflict and, as a result, let us they look at Confederates as heroic freedom fighters and , in essence, good people. I also think that libertarians should find themselves better heroes.

The Home Brew

We were way behind on the beer list and it is time to catch up. Honey recipes are all over the net and they look attractive to make.

Today, I decided to try and make honey beer minus the bees which will then turn into a honey Porter.

Earlier this week, we made a fierce ale that really makes you giggle when you drink it. We have done this once before and it is very very hoppy beers, tasty.

Now that we’re catching up on the beer, the other talking about beer, we are back to make beer for ourselves again.


That will make the list include light and darkness, along with the already fierce and clone brewing Imperial Stout brewing already. The Grand Cru is ready to bottle, and Kologne Kolsch and yellow ALE drinking, which makes our list of beer-tipped in favor of ales Belgium is heavy.

After Convergence, it will be more beer. It is probably a Red Ale that create recipe.

What Do You Read When The Rain Is Falling

Currently I am in the middle of reading a book about cults which isn’t the best when it is gloomy and dark. But I it is for an assignment. And not that I totally don’t want to read something else, something cozy and warm, but… but at the moment to read about the different ways people Screw manipulative of others over. I might go to my book the pile to see what light reading you can raise the rather and … has happened yet. I’ve almost finished with my stack of books to be read, okay, looking at the pile I don’t think so. And a little after each feature heavy subject. I skip a couple of days.

I will probably re-read one of my favorites instead, then.

My Doors of Welcoming

So, I made a tumblr ages ago because I knew it was the new thing, but I’ve rarely used it. That was my first excursion into the thing that they called the web, and it was like a million years ago. What I liked about tumblr is the amazing way you could share things; thoughts, feelings, and desires and yet I found it really frustrating to use and that it pretty much why I stopped. That and I felt a little harassed by some of the users. But they have also probably moved on.

The desire to try again has led me to my own website, and the realization that I can make it how I want, and if I don’t want to be harassed then I don’t have to be. It is nice like that. Now I open my doors to you in welcome!