Re-showing Lawrence of Arabia

Yesterday was a day for the movies, we went to see Lawrence of Arabia. First time I saw it was on the small screen, and I thought it was OK but there was a lot of sand and camels. Then I saw it on the big screen and understand better. I’ve seen it three or more times since then and always enjoyed it more each time.

Today was a big fuss because much of the traffic, things strange timing, parking, driving too hard, and in my tabs expired. There were cramps too and kind of just didn’t want to go, but only keep reminding myself, “it must be on the big screen, and it comes to the big screen seldom; you like it every time to see. “

So at last we all get and start overture, and think, “Ah, Yes, this movie is so good!”

Then there is the scene Ali and Lawrence first, and I think, “Ah Yes, I forgot as much as everyone. Also it was kind of hot in the theater.”

Then start the Omar Sharif, I don’t know, doing things and as my soul is slow poaching and it is difficult to breathe because it is way, way too beautiful, his clothes are too beautiful, his eyes are too beautiful, and so in love with Lawrence, and from God, Lawrence is too beautiful; I am not talking about O’Toole here (although it is quite beautiful), but what the fuck t. e. Lawrence; This is the saddest most fucked up man in all of existence, and this here is the saddest, most fucked situation in all of existence, and its still fucked up; Wow, the whole world really fucked I cannot even deal with any part of it. It is not how much I enjoy this film; Anything about this subject are extremely painful and difficult; It’s been a good video in literary way – arcs – but they are based on real events; Aims–but they are based on real people; It is amusing, and that makes it the worst. The absolute worst.

2017 Watching

So far I am very happy with the new Nashville series. I was concerned that a second will Lexington, but it was the main focus at this event, so Rae! In addition, Juliet is difficult (and Juliet is best) and Rayna and Deacon are grating on each other which is good. I am bored and because they are boring characters though their music is probably the best roadside Juliet. This is also shown more drama, less music, which is not a bad thing. The other station was sometimes almost as much music as pitch.

Don’t know if anyone else is watching this. I suppose if more people could have stayed on ABC.

I Listen To NPR At Work

I have the good fortune to be able to listen to the radio at work. This coupled with my lifelong affinity to NPR means that I have been able to put together a list of my favorite shows.


  • Fresh Air
  • Morning Edition
  • Tal
  • Wait Wait

Possible Picks

I would like to listen to these more and some others but my station doesn’t carry them. Also I think On Being is great and under appreciated.

  • 99pi
  • Radio Lab

Honorable Mentions

  • Codeswitch
  • NPR Music
  • PCHH (anything with Linda Holmes really)

Least Favorites

  • Bet Your Garden
  • Animal House

People who want to call into a radio show instead of take their pet to the vet and the host ALWAYS tells them to take the animal to a vet! Which they probably won’t do if they haven’t already, sadly.

Serenity Found

I stumbled across, Serenity Found which is a series of essays on the television series Firefly and movie Serenity edited by Jane Espenson. It was a rather mixed stack them. My initial thoughts, having read the first two, was that the writers tend to be rather over-state their case. I believe that Firefly was one of the best drama series of the last decade, however, that does not mean I believe it represents a giant leap forward either inserts social commentary to TV SF or in representation of women in the genre of shows.

However, I have been mesmerized by a trio of essays which form almost certainly unintentionally dialogue with each other. Freedom interpreted in Unfree world by p. Gardner Goldsmith Firefly and Serenity as libertarian political path, one that drew the allegorical connections to the American civil war, the South situation as one object to the excessive Government meddling. Mal content by Alex Bledsoe focuses on the character Malcolm Reynolds and specifically rejected the idea that it was some sort of libertarian hero, stressing similar teenager refuses to accept any authority over him, any criticism on its own authority or indeed any other responsibility beyond that in its nearby instead. Bledsoe’s theory is that it is only towards the end of that Mal Serenity are motivated by any kind of principles beyond self-absorption and mindless rebellion. Bonnie Brown flag by Evelyn Vaughn examined direct civil war allegory and tried, although I am convinced have succeeded, to address the issue of slavery annihilation of the allegorical story. This drew attention to one aspect of essay and Goldsmith me troubled. Painting the South as libertarian heroes, heroic freedom fighters and underdogs and push completely sidelined the issue of slavery rather shows, I felt, one of the shortcomings of libertarianism – its failure to account for the way in which privileged tend to rise to the top in an unregulated environment and human kind unfortunate tendency to assume that people with superficial differences are either count , or to be happy on their world. It is difficult to consider side which was part funded by owning slaves and motivated by a desire to defend the practice, even if it was not primarily include slave owners, as role models suitable for heroic freedom fighters and I suspect that, somehow or other, that was the intention of the Whedon. It seems more likely that he found the case of the South in the American civil war allegory for convenient knee-jerk rebelliousness Malcolm Reynolds.

But, ultimately, it must be said to me come from the essays less happy with Firefly stories than I went. Although I accept that slavery was far from the only issue involved in the American civil war, I am uncomfortable that the series can be read as a vindication of the position of the South, it provides a way for people to remove the issue of slavery by the conflict and, as a result, let us they look at Confederates as heroic freedom fighters and , in essence, good people. I also think that libertarians should find themselves better heroes.

Beyond Star Trek

Finally watched Star Trek to Beyond. It wasn ‘ t terrible but it was almost all action so the characters were kind of telegraphed. Idris Elba was wasted. It was better than Star Trek Into Darkness though. Some friends said they didn’t want to see it in because they were too sad about Anton Yelchin. I thought they were very sensitive to the time, but actually watching the movie he is always front and center at the helm and it is hard to forget that he’s dead. I think that sucked a little fun out of the movie too.

On the film itself, I am still unsure what to do about it. It was an enjoyable tour, certainly. But the plot was incoherent at times touching, a lot of script juggling balls and perhaps trying to juggle them too quickly. Or perhaps it was only Justin Lin. I’ve never seen any movies & Furious fast, but I suspect that they may feel a good deal like Star Trek: beyond, and so far I doubt how appropriate that is.

On the other hand, was their least removes many difficulties to darkness. Kirk is much less of a sleazeball, have excessive cynicism last video gives way to much more optimistic vision of the future of humanity, if ultimately less so near its future, and if it appears that they will keep this nonsense Spock/Uhura, minimum length took relatively little screentime it. In fact, the use of video is good the entire cast, especially with a few show & Spock McCoy to flesh out important dynamics of the original show, and Simon Pegg about script resulting in everyone having a lot of fun with Scotty.

On the whole, I think this is a case of realizing the franchise it diverges down the wrong path and therefore are now trying to trace his steps. Who knows, perhaps you will recover in full the next film. Even if the loss of Chekov was going to be hit hard.

Space Software

I was going to start this post with the words “it is very strange …” but I suspect in the modern era it is not strange at all, only it has not happened to me before.

At any rate, when I woke up this morning and was finding my had Tweet (or, at least, mention in tweet) 1 by a complete stranger. This was my attention to the fact that I had a magazine article-space safety magazine.

To be fair, I did know about an article in a magazine safety space. Even I wrote him. Only i wasn’t really aware that it is shortly supposed to appear.

Here it is-it appears publicly available and aimed at an audience more or less generally: Autonomous Space Safe Software.

  • Sorry, actually I have not taken advantage of twitter. I believe that I have just mentioned, but perhaps they have sent me a message to me.
  • than this actually is, and probably invented not only for the opportunity to appear as a guest on the publication Have I Got News For You.