The Home Brew

We were way behind on the beer list and it is time to catch up. Honey recipes are all over the net and they look attractive to make.

Today, I decided to try and make honey beer minus the bees which will then turn into a honey Porter.

Earlier this week, we made a fierce ale that really makes you giggle when you drink it. We have done this once before and it is very very hoppy beers, tasty.

Now that we’re catching up on the beer, the other talking about beer, we are back to make beer for ourselves again.


That will make the list include light and darkness, along with the already fierce and clone brewing Imperial Stout brewing already. The Grand Cru is ready to bottle, and Kologne Kolsch and yellow ALE drinking, which makes our list of beer-tipped in favor of ales Belgium is heavy.

After Convergence, it will be more beer. It is probably a Red Ale that create recipe.