Uhm, Yojimbo

So just went and re-watched Yojimbo again, which is not a very similar experience to re-watching Lawrence of Arabia. For some reason has taught Yojimbo after quite a bit of social commentary. There are some–it is Kurosawa–but more often it is badass with a sword. Very hot Badass with a sword.

It’s also really funny and make it great. There are so many action films today for badasses who walk around its badasses, yet imo one of which deals with this in video quality. He talked me into to be over the top but also take itself seriously; It is funny, but it is not a parody. I feel like one of my favorite things in a very fiction is ridiculous concepts treated with realism and self-awareness; When jumping the Shark SPN is calling the event ‘ jump the shark ‘ and then ‘ freakin do a fantastic job with him.

She was talking about if he is very hot, what? Toshiro Mifune is like the hottest guy ever even if he is dead.