I Listen To NPR At Work

I have the good fortune to be able to listen to the radio at work. This coupled with my lifelong affinity to NPR means that I have been able to put together a list of my favorite shows.


  • Fresh Air
  • Morning Edition
  • Tal
  • Wait Wait

Possible Picks

I would like to listen to these more and some others but my station doesn’t carry them. Also I think On Being is great and under appreciated.

  • 99pi
  • Radio Lab

Honorable Mentions

  • Codeswitch
  • NPR Music
  • PCHH (anything with Linda Holmes really)

Least Favorites

  • Bet Your Garden
  • Animal House

People who want to call into a radio show instead of take their pet to the vet and the host ALWAYS tells them to take the animal to a vet! Which they probably won’t do if they haven’t already, sadly.

What Do You Read When The Rain Is Falling

Currently I am in the middle of reading a book about cults which isn’t the best when it is gloomy and dark. But I it is for an assignment. And not that I totally don’t want to read something else, something cozy and warm, but… but at the moment to read about the different ways people Screw manipulative of others over. I might go to my book the pile to see what light reading you can raise the rather and … has happened yet. I’ve almost finished with my stack of books to be read, okay, looking at the pile I don’t think so. And a little after each feature heavy subject. I skip a couple of days.

I will probably re-read one of my favorites instead, then.