Re-showing Lawrence of Arabia

Yesterday was a day for the movies, we went to see Lawrence of Arabia. First time I saw it was on the small screen, and I thought it was OK but there was a lot of sand and camels. Then I saw it on the big screen and understand better. I’ve seen it three or more times since then and always enjoyed it more each time.

Today was a big fuss because much of the traffic, things strange timing, parking, driving too hard, and in my tabs expired. There were cramps too and kind of just didn’t want to go, but only keep reminding myself, “it must be on the big screen, and it comes to the big screen seldom; you like it every time to see. “

So at last we all get and start overture, and think, “Ah, Yes, this movie is so good!”

Then there is the scene Ali and Lawrence first, and I think, “Ah Yes, I forgot as much as everyone. Also it was kind of hot in the theater.”

Then start the Omar Sharif, I don’t know, doing things and as my soul is slow poaching and it is difficult to breathe because it is way, way too beautiful, his clothes are too beautiful, his eyes are too beautiful, and so in love with Lawrence, and from God, Lawrence is too beautiful; I am not talking about O’Toole here (although it is quite beautiful), but what the fuck t. e. Lawrence; This is the saddest most fucked up man in all of existence, and this here is the saddest, most fucked situation in all of existence, and its still fucked up; Wow, the whole world really fucked I cannot even deal with any part of it. It is not how much I enjoy this film; Anything about this subject are extremely painful and difficult; It’s been a good video in literary way – arcs – but they are based on real events; Aims–but they are based on real people; It is amusing, and that makes it the worst. The absolute worst.