OMG I Am Out of Practice

I actually have not used television broadcasts in over six years. But anyway, I am in a hotel, and I thought that it would be fun watching some since for the life of me I am too tired to actually do anything else.

A colleague says it goes and reporters on NBC Channel 26 in her room. I am in the same hotel, but channel 26 is solid sports and I am not watching that. NBC Channel 54 and reporters, but the terrible reception. You have stopped watching most of the other channels to see if they are this bad, and they are very lonely. This is the only continuous channel cut out, and NBC and reporters are definitely on a different channel in my colleague’s room.

How does this work, exactly? Some rooms would be on satellite and some not? Idk if this is silly, but honestly didn’t understand. Also, you cannot use the remote control to press 5-4. It will only register number one at a time. Is this dumb but it must be totally irrelevant to the reception one-on-network–different channels and horrific that appears.