Putting A Value On It

When I was a kid my dad would put the Westworld movies – there were two of them right? – on when they ran. I didn’t much like them because, they were well, too, what is a good word? I don’t know, they weren’t my taste. Now I started watching Westworld the show, and since then I have caught up, read a bunch of theories on the internet, and then went back for rewatch the movie. I’d like to save some things here for posterity.

Right now I am convinced that William in the MIB is now. The actors have talked about the end of the first term are heartbreaking. It could absolutely see a situation where William height of MIB after what misadventure which happened during this visit lead to Dolores were wiped out and not remember it on subsequent visits. And in fact, come back after you we have experienced intensive events and these links on your first visit, but nothing that hosts them or remember you? I could see that he was completely embittering experience. I also believe that Teddy was created as Dolores ‘ love interest to keep its base is near the ranch after whatever terrible thing happens in the timeline of William/Dolores, based on the fact that interaction looped Teddy with Dolores seems to complement the actions of William on his first visit. Could it explain why the MIB seems absolutely * hate * Teddy in the main chapter, if he realizes that.