The Current State of Global Warming

As it currently stands, it is still a little debate on whether things have arrived or not. However, it started to lean more and more according to the position of the scientific community in General. As noted, this is because we have gone above 400ppm which measure the CO2 in the atmosphere.

Now in season, stating which countries actually work to address this, it can be difficult to rely on some cases. Generally speaking, most countries in the Western world at least made some efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. However many of these countries still significantly depends on fossil fuels and generate a significant amount of CO2 and others have made great efforts to counter climate change at all. In the meantime has many other countries across Asia, South America and Africa, is taking steps to reduce their own emissions. The issue is that many countries in Asia and Africa are either in the middle of industrialization, or industrialize and will lead to a significant increase of CO2 emissions is beginning. Countries such as China, which is growing in CO2 emissions, likely are going to be hit the hardest by the effects of global warming.

So to put things simple, yes the change to green energy too slowly has reached the point where perhaps seriously we will be back.

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